We want to live in a multi-generational child-friendly environment with easy access to downtown Pittsburgh. We value energy and resource efficient design, good architecture, and natural beauty. We have no common political or religious orientation, only a common desire to seek a positive environmental and social change through our own lives.

Things that people once took for granted – family, community, a sense of belonging – must now be actively sought out.
-Kathryn McCamant, Charles R. Durrett

Our Vision

We are creating a beautiful, green, intergenerational cohousing community in an existing Pittsburgh neighborhood, designed to be a model of environmental stewardship, strong neighborly relationships, and community engagement.

We plan to do this by

  • valuing diversity and maintaining close relationships through sharing of duties, resources, activities, knowledge, and experiences.
  • reducing our impact on the Earth by building low-energy houses with green materials and renewable energy to work toward near-zero energy use.
  • fostering an urban, yet verdant and healthy place to live that integrates with its surroundings, while keeping the beauty of nature and the possibility to grow some of our own food.
  • motivating and educating others to the benefits of green community living.
  • using innovative design and financing to offer an affordable and stable investment.

Glen Osborne Woods is our project in planning.

We hope that together with Pittsburgh Green Cohousing and ZEDDUP we will gain more strength, mutual inspiration and more momentum for our project. Pittsburgh Green Cohousing is our “working and collaboration” website with meeting minutes and announcements; check it regularly or subscribe to its events page to receive automatic email notification of new postings. (Not all events may be posted here on the public site.)

For additional up-to-date detail, request to join our email discussion group via the greencohousing Google group page. If you have a specific question, you can email us via the contact page.